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Consignor Home Page (Input and Print Tags)

As a Twice as Nice Consignor, you will enjoy a number of benefits:

  • Earn cash for your high-quality, gently used items.
  • Consign at least 10 items and earn a pass to the Consignor Preview Sale!
  • Clean out your closets!
  • Determine your own prices!
  • Avoid the hassle of selling online!
  • Option to support charity with items donated after the sale. Read about the charities we support at the bottom of the About Us page, here.
  • E-mail us if you would like information about tagging service options!

Money Matters

  • Consignors earn 2/3 of their sale’s profits and a $10 consignor fee will be deducted from the sale’s total.
  • Consignors who sign up for one volunteer shift will have their $10 consignor fee waived.
  • Consignors receive an additional 5% earnings for working two volunteer shifts.
  • Consignors receive an additional 10% earnings for working three regular volunteer shifts.
  • Consignors who sign up for the Saturday post-sale sort AND one other volunteer shift will receive an additional 10% of their sale profits!
  • Checks are mailed to consignors within two weeks of the sale ending.

What to bring:

  • Brand Name, clean children’s clothing in very good condition. **We will accept fall and winter clothing at our fall sale, and spring and summer clothing at our spring sale. (Note: We will accept brands like Carter’s, Cherokee, etc. if they are in excellent, like new condition.)
  • Children’s Sizes 0-16/Jr.
  • Shoes in excellent condition, clean, minimal scuffs, etc.
  • Dress Up Clothing/Costumes
  • Maternity Clothes – Upscale department store and boutique brand only.
  • High-quality gear in excellent condition, including but not limited to: activity centers, toys, books, DVDs, strollers, carriers, car seats, play yards, walkers, swings, bouncers, feeding items, high chairs, nursery bedding, outdoor play equipment, safety items, blankets, sports equipment, riding toys, diaper disposals, toddler beds, gliders, children’s bikes, hats, diaper bags, tricycles, changing tables, gates
  • You may leave one bin at the sale, and your unsold items will be sorted and placed into your bin. Write your consignor code on all sides of the bin. Do not leave any lids at the sale.


What NOT to bring:
  • Cribs
  • Car Seats with a Date of Manufacture (DOM) more than 6 years old (look for the sticker) – AAP Safety Information
  • Infant Bathtubs
  • Stuffed animals (With certain exceptions such as Build-A-Bear or Jellycat in excellent condition)
  • Dirty or stained clothing
  • Noticeably worn or torn clothing
  • Items missing buttons or zippers
  • Toys with missing or broken pieces
  • Dirty or worn out shoes
  • Potty chairs
  • Underwear
  • Any item that has been recalled by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission.


Important Consignor Information:

  • By federal law, Twice as Nice cannot sell toys or other items that have been recalled by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission.
  • **In order to create a quality shopping experience for our customers, Twice As Nice reserves the right to refuse any item for the sale at our own discretion.** Please make sure you do not bring items that are recalled, torn, stained, dated, damaged, out-of-season, or otherwise do not meet our quality standards.
  • Twice as Nice has earned an excellent reputation by maintaining these high safety and quality standards. Thank you for complying with our merchandise requirements, which inspire confidence in our customers and ensure the continued success of consignment events.

2013 Twice as Nice Fall/Winter Kids Consignment Sale. Nov. 6-9th at BienVenue Event Center in Apex, NC.

How to Tag:
Supply List
  • White card stock paper
  • Safety pins, tagging gun or zip ties (If using a tagging gun or safety pins, please be careful to tag clothing in the seam to prevent large holes in clothing.)
  • Plastic or wire clothes hangers. *Wire hangers can be found for free or very inexpensively at most dry cleaners.
  • Zip-top plastic storage bags (gallon and quart-sized)
  • Clear packing tape (Transparent household adhesive tape—such as Scotch tape—is not effective for this purpose.)
  • Rubber bands
  • Hole punch (optional)
  • Easy-Release Blue Painter’s Tape (optional)

Preparing Your Tags

  • When you register as a consignor, you will create a unique four-digit consignor code. This consignor code will be incorporated into a barcode that will be placed on each of your price tags.
  • You will log into the consignor homepage and sign in with your consignor number and password. All consignors will register as a new consignor for the fall 2016 sale regardless of past involvement.
  • After you are logged in as a consignor, you will click the option to “Work with consigned inventory.” You will then be prompted to add each item you plan to consign at the sale. You will add the following information for each item: Category, Size, Description, Price and Quantity. You will then check the box beside “Check to Discount” if you DO want leftover items to be sold at half price on the final day of the sale. Leave it unchecked if you do not wish to sell the item at a discount. You will also check the box beside “Check to donate” if you DO wish to donate unsold items to our charities after the sale is over. Leave the box unchecked if you wish to pick up your unsold items after the sale. Donated items will be given to Hand of Hope Ministries and “Me Fine” Foundation. Find out more about these wonderful charities on the About page of our website.
  • Prices must be in 50-cent increments (e.g., $.50, $1.00, $1.50, etc.). Prices that do not comply with this requirement will be rounded down to the nearest 50-cent increment.
  • Once all of your items have been put into the system, you can choose to print your tags. Tags must be printed on white card stock.
  • Cut your tags and punch a hole in the top center of your tags through which you can fasten safety pins or zip ties.
  • See below for an example of how your tag should look.


Tagging Your Items

  • Place clothing on hangers with the hook facing left, like a question mark.
  • The price tag should be attached to the front, upper right-hand corner of each clothing item.
  • Use safety pins or zip ties to fasten price tags to clothing. Tags should be near the top right corner of the hanger/item. Items with tags attached with straight pins will be removed from the inventory and remain unsorted at the end of the sale.
  • For toys and equipment, attach the price tag with clear packing tape. Make sure tags are securely attached to all items.
  • For books and other delicate items, consider using easy-release blue painter’s tape to attach your tags so that the tape will not tear the item.
  • Double check all of your price tags for price, consignor code, and accurate information.
Pricing Your Items
  • You set the prices for your own items.
  • Upscale children’s clothing in very good condition can be priced at about 1/3 of the original price. (For example, if an item was sold originally for $20, you can expect it to sell in consignment for about $6.50.) The more competitive your prices, the more items you will sell!
  • Be objective. Ask yourself what you would pay for the item.
  • Items priced at approximately one-fourth of the original cost generally sell the best.
  • Price items in $1 and $.50 increments. (For example: $5, $5.50, $6, $6.50…)
  • You may choose whether or not you offer half off of your remaining items during our half price sale on Saturday.
  • You may also choose whether you want us to donate your remaining items after the sale, or if you’d like to keep them. We will have a designated pick up time for consignors who wish to keep any of their items at the end of the sale. Items not picked up during the allotted time frame will be donated. If you cannot make it to pick up your items yourself, you may send a trusted friend or family member to pick them up for you.


Additional Important Consignor Information

  • Register early to ensure your spot as a consignor! Sort and prepare clothing little bits at a time leading up to the sale.
  • Consignors are not required to volunteer during the sale. However, volunteers are the very first to shop our sale and consignors who volunteer can earn additional percentages of their total sales! We’d love to have you sign up to volunteer!
  • Check the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission website to ensure that none of your items have been recalled.
  • Wash all clothes you are planning to sell. Presentation matters! It’s not a bad idea to iron each item, though it is not required. Items that smell like smoke, moth balls, or mold will not be accepted.
  • Check thoroughly for stains, excessive wear, holes, missing buttons and broken zippers as these items will not be accepted. If the stain is very small and the item is a high-quality, boutique brand, make note of it on the tag and we will decide whether or not we will accept it at drop-off. *If items are found to have obvious defects, stains, or holes at any point during the sale, those items will be removed from the sales floor and remain unsorted at pick-up.*
  • Using a Magic Eraser will remove MANY marks and blemishes off of plastic toys. Also, please make sure that battery-operated toys have working batteries in them.
  • Zip all zippers, button all buttons, and snap all snaps.
  • Hang pants and skirts on wire hangers by pinning them to the top part of the hanger with large safety pins.
  • Shoes placed in zip-top bags are more likely to stay with their mates.
  • For toys with small parts, place parts in a zip-top bag, tape the bag closed with packing tape, and tape the bag to the corresponding larger pieces to reduce the chances of misplaced parts (examples: Little People sets and Littlest Pet Shop products).
  • Outfits that require two different hangers should be secured together with a rubber band.
  • Hats, socks, onesies, and similar items can be placed in zip-top bags.
  • Baby carriers can be put on pant hangers.
  • Sell two or more books as one item by packaging them together in a zip-top bag (e.g., four sequential Magic Tree House books).
  • Sort clothes by gender and size in advance. Consignors who are well-organized before arriving enjoy a quicker and smoother drop-off experience.
  • You may leave one bin at the sale, and your unsold items will be sorted and placed into your bin. Write your consignor code on all sides of the bin. Do not leave any lids at the sale.
  • Though it is of utmost importance to us to care for our consignors’ merchandise during the sale, please note that Twice As Nice Kids Consignment cannot be held responsible for lost, damaged, or stollen items.

**If you have additional questions, please e-mail us at, or call us at (919) 249-TOTS (8687).**